25 days alone came to xiamen

Sleep to 9 o ‘clock in the morning, play with mobile phone, reading novels, the unexamined began to open a computer, don’t know what to do. Originally thought a lot before came to this city, also plans a lot, like to find a nine to five, first to buy 6 book to serious finish see, then in my elementary school students to practice good levels of word, meet some friends, have some money in the gym. Reality is cruel, looking for a good ten day’s work, is not appropriate, or somebody else don’t you, can’t find a good job, because I know what I am.

Was like this for 25 days, a few days ago also better, friends here also has a companion, friend, they are gone now, back to the original place to find a new job. Now no one cook eat, and no one to talk, to find a job is not smooth, sometimes I really feel, if he was to do anything, someone asked me: do you have any special skill, what are the advantages and I was laughing and didn’t answer, actually I’m afraid, because I don’t know what they really are, people are lazy, don’t do things seriously, also old have their own ideas, self-righteous, have been making excuses for themselves, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, tomorrow also all day fantasizing about a miracle happened, never take the initiative to do things, it is easy to emotional, so big and there were only one or two bosom friends, no enthusiasm, feel really bad, what medicine can actually all is bullshit.
What you don’t know? In the don’t work hard you have future? So big doesn’t even have a girlfriend too, just know to play all day, still respectable, see a like a, there is no skill, you is oneself still small, also can literally play, play to the capital, their dinner now, accommodation is a problem, return not bashful do nothing all day, truth who would say, is it’s hard to do, but if you insist on down, success is you.

Is not good, come to work in earnest, people didn’t know here, you can rest assured to do, no one laugh at you, waiting for your success in the future, feel ok, you go back and meet your friend, talk about your achievements throughout the year, people will feel you have changed, not the same as before, can you do on your own, even to tired to cry, that also have the value, not like now, are you tired of meaningless to cry no more meaningful, isn’t that right, one’s life to live for yourself.

Lazy is not an excuse, not reason, is said if you don’t lazy, show they have skill to make, and did not have a good life is created, some others you also can have, look at the others spend, you can, as long as you work hard, actually very simple, why don’t have to work a good job, is why people can’t live better, since you do this to who, effort! Do the work, its own cultural level, at least not to write is same as before, there are many words can’t write, talk less, more know how to respect yourself, respect others, otherwise, there’s no need for others to respect you, what things can hide in the heart of his good friend grumble.

Rich and powerful people that are capable of, otherwise how those people is not about you, want to learn others strengths.

Hope you are not like this now when see diary, now also to worry, put aside everything, forget everything, to do well and do our best to work, they did not believe them will not change, even if you don’t have to achieve the results you want, at least you tried, to struggle, you still have what good disappointed, dry well, the one thing you are a successful person.