go for a dream

That year, I’m 19 years old, with a heart of both nervous and excited, I stepped into the normal this strange campus, began the trip to my dreams.
It was thirty years ago, people’s teacher from an ordinary student in the future, the rural population into urban registered permanent residence, identity and the household registration occurred earth-shaking change. In spite of this, I didn’t realize this, just holding the simple desire of “plum full world", began his study tour.
Alone in a foreign land, people or things around you seems so strange. This for my introverted, seem to them all the time in sending out the “you are the one of strangers". So afraid to contact with them I can only a person, a person lost, a person sigh in the dark. For the future, for life, even for the dream, I had a fantasy to imagine; But is it good also because of that deep feeling, also lost its luster and become bleak.
Books are changed me, I am out of the block, to get rid of the inferiority, the freshman.
At that time, we have a reading class each week. We can go to the library to borrow books on its own terms, to the reading room reading a book. That is the most makes me in a week the joyful moment, is also the most make me calm. It was then that the rural children – just before have I seen a picture books, listen to a somebody else about what four great classical novels, almost did not see any decent books rural Eva, here, for the first time to see have a place (library) hidden so many books. This let me by surprise; At the same time, also gave me a surprise, I can have a book.
Since then, I met Paul, cattle for self-protection, I know the dumas, alexandre dumas, I met Helen and her teacher miss Sullivan. It was from then on, I planted a seed in the heart: I like Sullivan, become a good teacher change students’ fate.
Made friends with books, came in contact with classmates had the conversation, my normal life gradually with the melody. I’m swimming in the university, I in the ideal of free field. How many times in the dream, I stand on the three feet platform, “take, opine"; How many times in tears dancing, I face the eyes of the pairs of clear water, gently waved, the rosy clouds in the western sky.
I fell in love with the book, I fell in love with my teacher. I pursue the road of high-spirited.
That year, I am 22 years of age, with a heart of both excited and uneasy, I set foot on my dream already a long time of the lecture hall – my position, my job.
Vaguely remember that feeling of young, that clumsy mouth tongue, bewildered. Teachers for the first time, in the face of so many young eyes, eager to look in the eyes, I have produced some not confident about themselves. Can I teach them?
Fortunately, there are special care of my leaders and colleagues, dismissed my worries and doubts, let me gradually put students gas on one side, straighten the waist, bravely shoulder the responsibility of a people’s teacher.
Also clearly remember and students go to spring outing, to eat with them a pot of rice, and drank a bottle of water, took a group photo together; Is still clearly remember the scene when I won the tug of war, and together they training, sweat together, cry together; More forget, of course, in this winter night, travel day and night walk on mountain road home visits, the north wind piercing howl, in open fields of the tragic character. Forget, have experienced both in work or in life suantiankula, forget those with students together of dribs and drabs…
Time Ren ran. From eighty s to ninety s, across from the 20th to the 21st century, education as China’s economy, great changes have taken place.
In the practice of the continuous education, constantly in the exploration of teaching, I know my own shortcomings, is the so-called “books to time square hate less". So, to make the dream of the more colourful flowers, in order to Chen planted all over the world, I like a devout pupil, and lift the books.
From the book, I know wei scholar, was convinced by his wonderful lecture and education theory; I met Yang Chu spring, with students enjoying his “fast" composition; I tried the town of hong tao teacher put forward the five stages of teaching mode, I also practice professor li the method to create “six type of unit teaching, and now, a new teaching reform, based on the curriculum standard of classroom teaching, and like fire like tea,
Dream bloomed in the classroom, ideal fly on the podium.
For decades, cling to do an “answer", do a human soul engineer, no matter how hard the road, work hard, how big is the temptation of the outside, I never give up, because there is a book, a dream.