the sunshine of love

LeiShuYan said: “the sun is a kind of language, is a language that can understand you."
Yes, I understand, I also understand – that is the language of warm, it is the language of happiness, it is the language of love…
She is not only from the sun, but also from a person’s heart.
The most beautiful teacher Zhang Lili lay a robot, with his own body to save a child’s life.
Is the most beautiful mother wu juping kicked off the heels, desperate rush out, stretched out his arms drop by 10 floor niu.
The most beautiful nurse xiao fang the angel a kiss, make breathing a cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest aunt “coming back to life".
Best guard soldiers Gao Tiecheng regardless of personal safety gate-crashers celebrated the inferno, three times have save, risk one’s life to save people’s life and property, caused the second degree burns on the body.
Best driver Mr. Wu in the “sky" after several catties iron hit, endured the pain and calm for the pull over, shake handshandle brake, open the double flash and a series of actions, ensure the safety of a car people’s life.
Time, love sunshine possessions on the earth, countless beautiful took over the baton of love, to pass down a stages, they are the most beautiful girl, best grandpa rubbish most beautiful woman, most beautiful warrior, is the most beautiful bride, the most beautiful MangNv…
Love warm the heart, leaving the engraved on the memory, love write poetry of splendor.
LeiShuYan said, “sunny day, walking in the street, you won’t pay attention to the sun……" , yes, when we are healthy, go in peace, the smooth, and who will notice the side of the “sunshine"? These “beautiful" was all around us, was originally a ordinary person, they like us, every day busy, for the life to work hard every day. They are not to be noticed by people, because they are the masses of ordinary one.
When danger occurs, however, when there is a crisis, when there is a sudden drop, evil they will be put in storage in inner “sunshine" never hesitates to release, no matter you are big man, or a commoner; No matter you are rich or poor. They put the warmth of love, the happiness of love, the power of love given to every need, and don’t ask for any reward.
At this moment, we see the magnificent and brilliant sunshine, we heard the generous and passionate of sunshine, we feel the sunshine selfless and generous.
“The sun is a kind of language, is a language that can understand." Let’s dialogue with sunlight, to feel her warm, her sincerity, her generous, let us draw strength from the sunshine, to get the nutrition, to take over the baton of love, the love light, to comfort the hearts of lonely, go to the warm indifferent heart, to illuminate the darkness of the road, let love shine every corner of the world, to shine in the world every one of us.