the wonderful world of you

For a long time, I think that the world is very beautiful, there will always be the answer, all things have the perfect answer. But I was wrong. The original is not in a corner, but eyeful is…
There are clothes pocket some broken, for a long time didn’t go to mend them. Basement asked this morning to go to the south village, the result that aunt live too much, no time, I’m going to leave. Anniversary, since all take clothes off, must find a place to sew, that bit of embarrassment, or heart to get “has a place, went to look for. Originally in q mei house, the boss Boyle, the commercial smile, lukewarm and looked at me, I mean the clothes pocket two broken, didn’t think she is endless said that the poor are small, but it is difficult to mend them. At that time I also understand and the difficulty, she said I didn’t know she is what meaning! Behind, so I beg she promised my sewing, I ask price, to my surprise she said was very cool ten blocks, intending to two small holes that let her see the value! I was stuck at the moment, wry smile! Finally I said price is too high to test whether a price reduction, she still revealing the inherent smile, didn’t mean any concessions. I work hard, and implored, circuitous, confused, beat about the bush, anyhow is magny cours, xiao zhi Daniel, I am looking forward to her. Because I believe that everyone has the right to humanity, is the human love, but even reveal the great love. Finally, she remained unmoved, I admire her persistence, because I’m torn has still not persuaded her mouth! Finally I’m going to leave!
So, the mood is a little down, but still need to eat rice. Behind me again to say to her, she still is the winner for the king’s appearance, unmoved. Finally I didn’t move, I say to eight pieces, two eight pieces I consciously is sky-high, she still looked down upon! Ordinary people think, the ending is perfect, but you are wrong, or was she wins. At least this is psychological, were because of this I think she obsessed, lack of human nature!
Although I have no patience, but the problem is, after all I went to the third. This time I figured it out, intended to 10 pieces done as she said this, but I never think of you, she this time is much more peaceful, is not to want to help others, or felt sorry for me, the answer but: “I don’t do it, you find somebody else" very frank, I really appreciate her this permanent for east don’t hurt, the spirit of struggle always! I again repeated ten piece, that is, she CARES and has been sticking to the key, she is still the same word “you find someone else, I don’t do the" I am finally understand even sincerity, also not necessarily can succeed! Three history was only a chance!
Because there are all kinds of people and wonderful world, and also because there are many kinds of people make things more complicated! I seemed to understand a truth, in addition to a pair of the battle, and a win-win situation both!
I’m looking forward to the new findings…